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The process of ordering a mask:

1.The kiger fills the mask order form + send the reference pictures to by cloud drive, link or email.

2.Goukao reply and discuss the order details with the kiger.

3.Goukao makes the quotation and answers the estimated date of process starts.

4.The kiger notified us after paid the deposit, and Goukao reply to confirm the payment received and answer the date that the process starts.

5.Waiting for the process starts. If the kiger needs to revise the order, please contact us before the process starts.

6.Goukao will design the three-color layout sketch according to the kiger′s main facial expression reference picture to the kiger for confirmation in 7 days of the process starting date.

7.We will not start making before receiving the kiger′s confirmation about the layout sketch.

8.About 1.5 months after the process starting date, we will draw the color eye pattern to the kiger for confirmation.

9.After the mask is done, we will provide the finished pictures in each angle to the kiger for confirmation.

10.Once the kiger confirms the pictures and pays the balance payment, we will ship the mask via EMS asap.

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