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About the shipping method:

Our default shipping route is EMS, the customer can choose other delivery services like UPS, FedEx, DHL or SF-express…etc, we will adjust the shipping fee according to the different delivery method.

After we ship the product from Taiwan, we will tell the customer the tracking number by email.
The estimated delivery day is 3-5 days (Asia, Australia) and 5-7 days (America, Europe). 
Please evaluate the delivery time if you have a travel or work plan.

If you have not received the parcel 7 days later than the shipping day, please contact the local post office or confirm the delivery address with us.

If you have not received it 10-14 days after we shipped it, please ask the local post office ASAP, in order to prevent the parcel being returned.
We will request the shipping fee if the parcel is returned and needs to be shipped again.

Some special situation in countries:

The USA: Once the cargo arrives in the US, the tracking situation will not be updated until the parcel is delivered successfully. Please check the delivery situation on the USPS tracking website.
Germany and some other countries: The returning shipping fee will be requested.
Canada: Sounds like the Canadian Post strike usually.

Some customers living in Japan request for a service called ‘poste restante’. 
If your post office provides this service, please notify us before we ship the product

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