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How to clean and maintain your mask.

The surface of the mask : 
Avoid bumps, scratches and touches with stains.
The surface of the mask should not be touched with organic solvents and alcohol.
It is best not to touch the surface of the mask even when wearing it, it can avoid discoloration as possible.
When the mask is stained : You can try to wipe with a clean cloth and neutral soapy water, then wipe with clean water. Or you can use a 'clean' mono original eraser to clean it.
If the mask has become scarred or the color remaining, try to use a ball pen eraser, wipe the scar carefully. (rub a bit of the surface)
Even the paint on the mask surface peels off, if the mask is not stained by stains, the paint can usually be supplied.


The inside of the mask :
Please know the inside of the mask needs to be dehumidified to decrease the smell after using.
After the general use, take off the foams in the mask, use tissue and cloth, wipe the moisture inside the mask, then put it to air-dry.
Try not to use organic solvents, we suggest to wipe with a clean cloth with neutral soapy water then wipe with clean water.

How to maintain the wig.
Avoid being squeezed when storing and avoid the glued area when combing.
The wig is made by high-temperature resistant fiber. But please test in an area before doing any heat treatment.
If you need to style the wig, please prevent using the hair gel, mousse and other hair care products that are used for the 'real human hair'.
If the hair care products are left on the wig for a while, it will easily deteriorate, even stain the surface of the mask.
The wig is made by plastic fiber, so to style it only using craft glue will be enough.
(Also, please keep avoiding the wig that covers the surface of the mask.)
The wig does not need to be washed, unless the wig soaks in sea water or other similar situation.
Using general soap, shower milk and liquid detergent will be enough.
When the wig becomes frizzy after using it for a while, please reference the maintenance way above, finding the local wig maintenance service or other kiger and cosplayer.

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