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翠萌 Suimoe


We have examined many opinions from our players, and we decide to present you GPM-07b for basic type. By ordering GPM-07b, you will receive the product faster and get it in economy price. The production period may takes 1~2 months.


800 USD is the price that we give you in Suimoe Ordering page.      翠萌 SUIMOE 販売

The total items include: The mask, wig with short hair and single ponytail, basic package, basic shipping fee, Paypal fee and basic inner equipment.


If you need other customized services, please contact us. we will give you another price list. The customized services include: The eyes drawing, the changes of mouth shape, the changes of wig length, the special style of wig.



The inner sizes of mask:

Up to Down: 27.5cm

Left to Right: 18~19cm

Front to Back: 21.5cm


You could have free options to choose:

1. Eye colors: 7 colors.






2. Wig colors: 34 colors.


















































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