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Best Hand-Made Mask with

High Quality and Fine Design

7 Marvelous Features of Goukaou Masks


1.Mask Material:

The main structure of mask is made by FRP with high-quality Epoxy and fiber glass. The Epoxy we utilize is the safe, stable, high strength and high durability resin. We Do Not Use the low quality and cheap poly one that is harmful to human body. Safe and Quality is our first principle.



2.Mask Design:

With the complex and multiple ways of mask design, includes FRP plus foam and other combined materials, our mask is not only lightweight, but also high intensity and high quality in texture. Moreover, we experiment with many new methods of inner material and head protection to increase the comfortability when wearing mask. Our kigurumi mask is 40% off lightweight compared to other studios' mask. The advanced design helps our customers decreasing the fatigue and physical exertion during the long-time performance.



3.Wig Design:

The wig is fixed by thread sewing on the top of mask, Not by glues. You could cut off the thread to replace other wigs if you like. This considerate design enables our customers to change the wigs of what they want, and also helpful to maintain and preserve the wig.





The coating pigment is made in Japan for professional model painting. The features of Japanese pigment are high durability, good adhesion to surface, precise color system, and not easy to wear and tear under normal situations.

Flat base paint

The mask is coated with flat base paint. This flat base coating improves excellent UV protection effect. It prevents deterioration, embrittlement and discoloration when coating pigment and mask is directly exposed under the sun. Our protection paint makes our mask more durable and beautiful as new.



5. Customizing:

The principle and spirit of our studio is "Every single mask is unique one." We don't just use the existing mold to produce masks or replacing wigs or eye colors in cheap ways. We "Customize" your mask as the individual fine art work according to your favorite character and facial expression. Even your favorite character is as same as the others' demand, we guarantee that your mask is still one of the kind and distinguishable from the other. And you can totally have your mask eyes as you wish. We have professional graphic designers to help you to design the stylish graphics and animation characters. We use the high quality photo papers to print out. Also we process waterproof and UV resistant for your mask eyes.




Our mask has a sufficient number of windows with the appropriate position and angle for you to see through. We guarantee our customers will have safe and comfortable vision when wearing mask. The larger opening windows is made by mesh gauze instead of the transparent plastics that is easily fogged up due to the breath of user. We have a special cutting method for opening eye windows. We use the bevel cut method to open the windows of the mask. The visual angle of bevel cutting is much wider than the vertical cutting windows. And of course, compared to other cheap cutting method, bevel cutting takes more complicated process to finish it.


7. Package and Shipping:

We will package and send your product with plastic box of sealed hard shell to protect your items (mask) from damaging risk. We do not use the ordinary cardboard box that is easily broken. In fact, we tested the plastic box for many years, it is not just the storage box of average size. It is the box that is easy to carry out with high strength and excellent storage performance. We suggest that our players could put some desiccants inside the box to keep it dry. (Due to the shipping reason, we studio don't provide you the desiccants.)

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