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“I can feel the slick feeling of fingers on the raw surface of the mask when doing my polishing work. I take wetted sandpaper and polish again and again and again....I feel that I am entering into a higher level of Zen.”

GKO appreciates every opportunity that kigurumi players give him to produce masks. He constantly improves his skills and utilize new technologies and tools. He wishes to add variety and diversity to the kigurumi community.

I often like to say:“I am like a productive father with many daughters. I polish them to be beautiful girls, and watch them get married to foreign countries. I wish to see them live well on the Internet. I am happy when I see my pretty daughters in photos and videos.”

GOUKAOU is a kigurumi mask maker from Taiwan who places a high value on subtle and aesthetic designs.


He admires and strives for the Japanese artisan spirit. The persuit of perfection means every mask is made with the best effort. Each piece requires a considerable amount of time and is given extensive fabrication and polishing. The surface of each mask are checked by hand and under the illumination of studio lights to ensure a smooth finish.

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