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--Price: 75 USD, 125USD

--Shipping fee: 20 USD


--Price: 150-216 USD


Super Thick Zentai Suit GPZ-03

--Price: 200-266 USD




Thank you to all of our friends who support our studio and our zentai suits.

To give you more comfortable feelings of wearing experience, we always work hard to develop new products.

We wish you have better feeling in touching and better experience when playing.


Recently, we have tested all kinds of fabrics in skin colors for Kigurumi, and finally decided to open a production line in factory. Now we produce our own fabrics for professional use of Kigurumi.


Because the fabrics are developed for Kigurumi use, it not only remains the perfect skin color from the original GPZ-01, also we specially choose the fabrics with better durability, comfort and elasticity. With the features of softness and smoothness of our fabrics, we believe our players will love it.


--latex suit:285USD

--latex mask:100USD

--Shipping Fee:27USD

Buy it in Advance and check Latest News,
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With previous pre-order experience, we provide you more options for Kigurumi players to choose. We bring you not only skin color latex suit, but also add new product of latex mask for you to buy.



We take your customizing orders; please fill out your body sizes carefully. 



Latex suits specially for Kigurumi uses

Only 0.4mm thickness by natural latex raw material

Better modification and covering for body shape, hair and vessels than the average tights.

By wiping with silicone oil, you could create glossy and sexy appearance.

Customizing orders, 3-D cut for breast shape and fingers.


Pre-Order Items: Full body type of latex suit for Kigurumi; Latex mask.

Customizing options: Face-opening, none toes, back zipper, customized by your personal body sizes.

Other items for you to choose: Cup sizes, position of zippers, the types of face opening (full-face opening, eyes plus nostrils options, inner pocket…etc.)

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